NSCTE Presidents

Charles DeGarmo, Cornell University, 1902
John Dewey, University of Chicago, 1903-1904
James E. Russell, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1905-1907
Charles DeGarmo, Cornell University, 1908
W.S. Sutton, Teachers University of Texas, 1909
Paul H. Hanus, Harvard University, 1910
Charles H. Judd, University of Chicago, 1911
M. Vincent O’Shea, University of Wisconsin, 1912
George James, University of Minnesota, 1913
George M. Forbes, Rochester University, 1914
Wallace W. Charters, University of Missouri, 1915
Charles H. Judd, University of Chicago, 1916
William Grant Chambers, University of Pittsburgh, 1917
Lotus D. Coffman, University of Minnesota, 1918
William C. Bagley, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1919
Frank P. Graves, University of Pennsylvania, 1920
Frederick J. Kelly, University of Kansas, 1921
Alexander Inglis, University of Kansas, 1922
John H. Withers, New York University, 1923
A.S. Whitney, University of Michigan, 1924
Edward F Buchner, Johns Hopkins University, 1925
V.A.C. Henmon, University of Wisconsin, 1926
Walter S. Monroe, University of Illinois, 1927
W.W. Kemp, University of California, 1928
F. C. Ensign, State University of Iowa, 1929
Edward H. Reisner, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1930
Henry W. Holmes, Harvard University, 1931
Lester R. Rogers, University of Southern California, 1932
Paul C. Packer, State University of Iowa, 1933
Stuart G. Noble, Tulane University, 1934
E.S. Evenden, Teachers College, Columbia, 1935
Edgar W. Knight, University of North Carolina, 1936
William S. Gray, University of Chicago, 1937
Harl R. Douglass, University of Minnesota, 1938
Marion. R. Trabue, Pennsylvania State College
Frank N. Freeman, University of California, 1940
A. R. Mead, University of Florida, 1941
Grayson N. Kefauver, Stanford University, 1942
Elections cancelled due to war. Officers served 1943-1945
W.E. Peik, University of Minnesota, 1946
Carter V. Good, University of Cincinnati, 1947
B. Othanel Smith, University of Illinois, 1948
A.S. Barr, University of Wisconsin, 1949
J.G. Umstadded, University of Texas, 1950
George C. Kyte, University of California, Berkeley, 1951
Harold Hand, University of Illinois, 1953
Donald P. Cotrell, Ohio State University, 1955
A. Max Carmichael, San Diego State College, 1956-7
William A. Stanley, University of Illinois, 1959
William Clark Trow, University of Michigan, 1960
Lawrence A. Cremin, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1961
John I. Goodlad, UCLA, 1962
John Brubacher, University of Michigan, 1963
Warren R. Baller, University of Nebraska, 1964
Elmer J. Clark, Southern Illinois University, 1965
R. Stewart Jones, University of Illinois, 1966
William Van Til, New York University, 1967
Ernest E. Bayles, University of Kansas, 1968
Erwin Goldstein, University of Nebraska, 1969

[Name changed to Society of Professors of Education in 1969]